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In: Philippines 

Marital Status: Single

Do you have children? No

Do you want children? Yes

Age: 30 years

Height: 5'4

Body Type: Thin

Do you smoke?: Prefer Not To Say

Headline: single

I define myself: " Age does not protect you from love.But love, to some extent, protect you from age." I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU SEND ME MESSAGE IN mY ym deo_orosa

Ideal Date: For me it is possible to live life in terms of what i want to do. Anger is something i tried to avoid. Anything is possible if we believe in ourselves that we can do it what we want.I can cope easily the ups and downs of life. Criticism does not threaten my self-esteem. I will not risk my FRIENDSHIP just to do something that i know can ruin it. In order to grow emotionally, it is necessary to know why I act as I do. As life goes on, I continue to know more and more about my feelings & i'm not afraid of making mistakes 'cause i know how to accept it & how it can help me to be more stronger and careful next time. My past experience, whether good or bad, is my stepping stone for my future. I believe also that LOVE is something that I can't understand but yet I keep on searching for it. Until now no one could define the real meaning of it, but for me it is very simple. Love is, if you can embrace your partner after 20 years with the same passion and respect like your first met, make your world stop & sit beside your mother & have a good laugh & thanks him for the blessing you had received & knowing how small you are in this world. For me Experience is the best teacher because she gave first the test then the lessons afterwards. I can't make someone to love me but I can only make myself someone to be loved. I know I will continue to grow BEST by being myself.....

Profession: student

Webcam: No
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Comments About deo:
A Habesha lover who is a decent guy. Preferably an affectionate bittom. - Ethiopia - Im an ... A Habesha lover who is a decent guy. Preferably an affectionate bittom. - Ethiopia - Im an ... say:
Wow! I love your profile and you're cute. very good way of expressing yourself and your ideas! KUDOS!
Anonymous say:
hai guys im find the true love
Anonymous say:
please email me at ***** if you want to know me better..or go to my face book account, just type in vincent alegado. you can join my newly created group the G4ce and view yourselves and do please add me as your friend.
Anonymous say:
I want to meet someone who would like and love me as me...please do email me if you have the interest...truly here vincent
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